In response to repeatedly bearing witness to the influence of the beer and wine lobby and its devastating impact on legislation that precludes the potential for the parity that is critical for distillers, like Silverback, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Denver Riggleman has created the bipartisan political action committee, Restoring Economic Fundamentals (REF). After seeing the bank roll of the beer, wine, restaurant lobbyists chart a narrow path of legislation that cripples the ability for other small businesses to flourish and themselves become economic powers that anchor and support the communities that surround them. REF is the vehicle with which we aim to reach out to citizens and send a powerful message to legislators that voting on principle must be paramount and supersede the ruling influence of high dollar donors with exclusionary interests.

The name of the political action committee and its address in the Commonwealth:

 Restoring Economic Fundamentals (REF), 9520 Rockfish Valley HWY, Afton VA 22920 

• The names, addresses, and relationships of affiliated or connected organizations; None 

• The area, scope, or jurisdiction of the political action committee; Ensure that small and emerging businesses are supported in securing fair and equitable business environments; and not targeted through unfair regulatory legislation by multinational and other large business interests.  Identify unfair regulatory practices in counties across the commonwealth. Dismantle regulations that limit freedom of commerce and small business equities.  REF will: 

  1. Combat unfair taxation and regulation 

  1. Business Property Taxes 

  1. Excise Taxes  

  1. Unfair business restrictions  

  1. Re-zoning and zoning practices 

  1. Represent interests for small and emerging companies that are involved with: 

  1. Distillation 

  1. Tourism 

  1. Agricultural production in support of emerging businesses 

  1. Manufacturing in support of liquor maturation 

  1. Any small business interest fighting unfair rules limiting fair and free market practices 


• The name and business address of the treasurer and his residence address in the Commonwealth who shall be deemed the agent of the political action committee for the purpose of service of process on the political action committee;   

• The name, residence address in the Commonwealth, business address, and position of the custodian of the books and accounts, who works under the direction of the treasurer, and the address in the Commonwealth where the books are maintained;   

• The name, address, office sought, and party affiliation of each individual whom the political action committee is supporting or opposing for nomination or for election to any public office or, if supporting the entire ticket of any party, the name of the party;   

• The designated depository to be used for the receipt and holding of funds and contributions received by the political action committee, in an account in a financial institution within the Commonwealth;   

• Date that the committee first accepted contributions and/or expenditures exceeding $200, date the committee established its designated depository, or the date the committee’s treasurer was appointed; and  

• The filing method by which the committee intends to submit its campaign finance reports.